Lorraine's Food Factory Rochester, NY


Hors D’oeuvres

Clams Casino $5.95 pp

Scallops in Bacon $3.75 pp

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms with
Sausage & Cheese $3.25 pp

Party Chicken Wings $6.00 pp

Brie with Bread and Fruit $7.95 pp

Water Chestnuts with Bacon$5.75 pp

Swedish Meatballs$2.75 pp

Bitesize Quiche (Spinach, Lorraine or Seafood)$3.75 pp

Cocktail Franks with Mustard Sauce$2.25 pp

Shrimp Cocktail$9.00 pp

Cheese, Pepperoni and Crackers$2.95 pp

Chilled Vegetables with Dip $2.95 pp

Puff Pastry (Crab, Spinach or Cheese) $3.25 pp

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes $2.00 pp

Chicken Kabobs $3.50 pp

Beef Kabobs $3.50 pp

Finger Sandwiches $3.50 pp

Fresh Fruit Tray $3.00 pp

Egg Roll with Sauce $2.00 pp

Puffed Canapes Crab or Shrimp $2.50 pp

Chicken Salad $1.75 pp

Chicken Fingers $7.95 pp

Mozzarella Sticks$7.95 pp

Potato Skins$7.95 pp

Salsa with Chips$3.00 pp


Greek ● Spinach Mushroom ● Caesar ● Fruit ● Mixed
Green ● Macaroni ● Potato ● Pasta ● Cole Slaw

Hot Entrees

Chicken Entrees

Baked Chicken $13.00

Chicken French $14.00

Chicken Parmesan $14.00

Walnut Chicken & Broccoli $13.00

Chicken Teriyaki $14.00

Chicken Marsala $14.00

Chicken Divan $14.00

Fried Chicken $13.00

BBQ Chicken $13.00

Chicken Kabobs $13.00

Chicken Wellington $15.00

Stuffed Chicken Breast $15.00

Chicken Cordon Blue $15.00

Beef Entrees

Beef Kabobs $13.00

London Broil $14.00

Prime Rib $16.00

Beef Wellington $16.00

Gourmet Meatloaf $13.00

Beef BBQ $12.00

Stuffed Peppers $11.00

Hamburgers $8.00

Hot Dogs $8.00

Beef Stroganoff $12.00

Filet Mignon $18.00

N.Y. Strip $18.00

Texas Porterhouse $18.00

Blackened/Cajun Sirloin $18.00

Veal Entrees

$15.00 per person

Veal French ● Veal Saltimbocca ● Veal Parmesan

Pork Entrees

$13.00 per person

Pork Tenderloin ● Stuffed Pork Chops ● BBQ Ribs

Seafood Entrees

$15.00 per person

Scallops Provencal ● Shrimp Scampi ● Lobster ● Sole Almondine ● Seafood Newburg

Pasta Entrees

$13.00 per person

Angel Hair ● Lasagna Vegetarian/Meat ● Stuffed Shells ● Tortellini Meat/Cheese
● Eggplant Parmesan ● Baked Ziti Ravioli

Choice of Sauce: Red, Alfredo, Marinara or Pesto
All Entrees served with two of the following: Potato, Rice, Fresh Vegetable
and one of the following:
Dinner Rolls, French Bread, Garlic, Baby Croissants and Choice of One Salad


Au Gratin
Sweet Potato
Roasted w/Garlic
Twice Baked


Grilled Mixed
Fire Roasted

Hot Breakfast

$12.00 per person



French Toast

Eggs: Scrambled, Quiche

Home Fries

Breakfast Meats: Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Canadian Bacon

Other Breakfast Items: Egg Sandwiches, Breakfast Pizza, Quiche

Summer Picnic Menu

Menu 1 - $22.00 per person

N.Y Strip Steak

BBQ Chicken

Salt Potatoes

Macaroni Salad

Pasta Salad

Baked Beans

Cheesecake Brownies/Cookies

Assorted Soda

Menu 2 - $16.00 per person

BBQ Chicken/ Italian Sausage

Salt Potatoes

Macaroni Salad

Pasta Salad

Baked Beans

Cheesecake Brownies/Cookies

Assorted Soda

Menu 3 - $13.00 per person

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

Salt Potatoes

Macaroni Salad

Pasta Salad

Baked Beans

Cheesecake Brownies/Cookies

Assorted Soda

Steamed Clams
Dozen per person………..$8.00 pp

Brunch, Luncheon, Buffet Dinners, Clambakes, Cocktail Parties, Weddings, etc. No party too small or too large! Please give 24 hour notice.
*Prices are subject to change.

Lunch Catering
Catering Rochester, NY
Take-N-Bake Meals

12% gratuity will be added
to all catering orders.

777 Culver Road
Rochester, New York 14609
Fax: 585-442-8200
Catering Line 1-800-582-2837