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Paleo eating is a way to eat that matches the way our ancestors ate based on foods that are not refined or processed, cooked with toxic oils, or loaded with sugar like most store-bought foods. Our paleo meals are made with grass fed meats, wild caught fish, and locally grown organic vegetables and fruits. Cooked and ready to go. We make it easy to eat like a caveman at home.


      Teriyaki Sliders $8.00
      Burgers on a pineapple slice with teriyaki dipping sauce

      Open-Faced Greek Slider $8.00
      Lamb burger on a portobello mushroom with spinach and onion

      Egg Plant Sliders $8.00
      Burgers on an eggplant bun with marinara


      Asian Beef Stir-fry$9.50
      Cashews, asparagus, sesame seeds

      Triple-Pepper Blackened Chicken $9.50
      With ratatouille

      Bacon Ranch Chicken $9.50
      With roasted broccoli and mushroom

      Crispy chicken with lemon and Caper $9.50
      Served with roasted asparagus

      Balsamic Rosemary Steak $9.50
      With roasted asparagus

      Bacon Meatloaf$9.50
      Served with ratatouille

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